Music drives an emotional connection that leads consumers to take action - whether it be making a purchase, donation, or sharing a piece of content on social media.

We work as an extension of your team to provide expert insight and help navigate the complexities of the music and entertainment industry, so you can better resonate with your target audience.

Our method of partnering brands with the right talent and music initiative allows us to build a custom program, create a plan of attack, and deliver results.

With our guidance and team of creative professionals, we will help your brand take flyte.

what we do

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  • Talent Procurement & Strategy.

    We identify, negotiate, and contract deals on your behalf with artists and influencers to develop a plan that authentically connects your brand to their passionate audience.

  • Event Activations.

    We design, create and build scalable consumer-driven experiences from the ground up.

  • Music Rights.

    We help you navigate the complex music landscape and work to secure rights and clearances for your campaigns.

  • Media Services.

    We amplify your message through earned and paid media to build awareness and drive impressions. We ensure you are getting the most out of media placements and partnerships.

  • Branded Content.

    We develop and produce digital content that tells a story and inspires your audience to engage.

  • Technology Integration.

    We identify relevant technologies and distribution platforms to expand the reach of your campaign.


Laura Hutfless

Partner | Biz Dev

Jeremy Holley

Partner | Marketing

Whitney Byerly

Account Manager

Ryan Milby

Creative Director

Natalie Logan

Public Relations

Paige Reese

Account Manager

Laura Fuller

Project Manager

Joey Helsel

Account Manager

Stephanie Shank

Public Relations

Sina Seger

Account Manager

Dan Cadenas

Director of Finance

Heather Hourigan

Public Relations