Country’s New Crop Presented by Fritos

Country’s New Crop Presented by Fritos

Fritos, in partnership with YouTube Music, produced snackable and ownable content to create connection between the Brand, Country Music stars, and their fans.

The Challenge.

Create ownable content for Fritos that aligns with brand pillars and authentically integrates the brand into the Country music scene, providing Fritos the chance to get in front of new audiences.

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What We Did.

FlyteVu built a multi-tiered campaign that leveraged a partnership between Fritos and Country superstar, Thomas Rhett, to create snackable content highlighting Thomas Rhett’s illustrious career, including his 20 #1 hits, and shining a light on emerging country artists. Each piece of content deepened the connection between Fritos, the artists and their fans.

FlyteVu, in partnership with Gear 7, produced a pop-up content experience that brought in Thomas Rhett, as well as Country’s New Crop artists Megan Moroney, BRELAND, Conner Smith, and Mackenzie Carpenter to create a mix of music video and social content.

As a tribute to Thomas Rhett and his upcoming compilation #1 hits album, each participating artist covered Thomas Rhett’s #1 hits, while sharing personal stories about the impact Thomas Rhett has made on their career. They also performed their own original song in an visual environment reminiscent of America’s heartland.

Taking inspiration from Fritos’ mantra and trends on YouTube Shorts, FlyteVu crafted unique content pods offering a bite-sized, branded playground for talent. Hosted by none other than Thomas Rhett himself, “Down for Everything” featured artists answering questions and tackling playful “truth or dare”-type challenges. This lighthearted, interactive format resulted in engaging content while raising funds for Porter’s Call, a mental health cause dear to Thomas Rhett’s heart. The “Walking Taco” station served as the grand finale, where talent put their creative spin on the iconic Fritos snack while sharing their favorite on-the-road stories – allowing a window into the lives of the talent.

Content was released on each Artists’ YouTube channel and allowed fans to catch a glimpse of their favorite artists while creating brand awareness for Fritos.

To further celebrate Thomas Rhett’s 20 #1 album, FlyteVu, alongside Hidden Road Studios, produced a YouTube livestream of the second-to-last tour stop of Thomas Rhett’s tour in Nashville, Tennessee. The livestream had multiple branded touchpoints, including the welcome slate, logo bug and endcard graphics and offered fans the opportunity to tune-into the show.

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The Results.

13 Million Impressions on YouTube Content

3.1 Million Views on YouTube Content

The Fritos-Sponsored Livestream of Thomas Rhett’s Concert was the #2 Most-Viewed Livestream on YouTube (9/29/23)

Fritos-Branded Content was #1 Most-Viewed Content Between Talent’s Channel (30 days post launch)

86k Total Campaign Watch Time (hours)

32.80% of Users Watched 100% of the Videos

41.62% of Users Watched 50% or More of the Videos

The Average User Watched 83.5 Seconds of Each Video

We had a 41.33% Interaction Rate

The Average CPC was $2.61

The Average CPM was $5.37 (per 1,000 impressions)